My good friend said that when unsafe sex she’d have fun with h2o and set sodium to the liquids


People, specifically ladies, mentioned using non-pharmaceuticals as forms of contraceptives. These types of ladies explained the way they provides both made use of otherwise observed drinking water, sodium, and you will squats given that forms of contraceptives.

.. Sure, that’s what she said (you to she utilized water and you will sodium immediately after intercourse), and you can she actually is a medical pupil (thus credit credence to that strategy). (Ladies FGD)

Regarding the h2o, once you can take on the 31 centiliters out-of liquid, with time the thing is the brand new urine. After a while, you will observe they (semen) on your shorts. (Ladies FGD)

Just relax, after it (intercourse), once you are right up, you only visit the bathroom Corona escort twitter to help you squat for half-hour are driving it just like you is actually peeing. And also you see that it (semen) is originating out on its without needing contraceptives. Your squat; when you squat, you force it as if you find yourself seeking to force anything with push. Stay truth be told there (on the status) to have half-hour, brand new spunk (semen) will surely turn out. (Women FGD)

Absolute and you will Modern Contraceptives

Lastly, people stated withdrawal, condoms, postinor (a common disaster birth-control when you look at the Nigeria), together with schedule strategy due to the fact other designs regarding contraceptives. The two commonest types of progressive contraceptives among players was basically condoms and you will emergency birth prevention tablets if you are diary and you will withdrawal measures was indeed the several commonest forms of natural actions.

Birth prevention Taste

Even if players demonstrated different methods away from contraceptive, they emphasized their choice for detachment, secure months (schedule strategy), and emergency contraceptives as opposed to condoms. For instance, student boys stated that sometimes they got sex in the place of condoms due to the fact the lover may no longer be thinking about gender if the guys ran interested in condoms just before sex.

If anointing falls (intimate urge), you utilize this new detachment strategy because your spouse might no prolonged get in the mood once you return shortly after heading out to pick a good condom. (Men FGD).

Your own secure months, new pure approach it’s simply on exactly how to understand your monthly period cycle; while you are as well as when you are maybe not safer. So, when the condom isn’t indeed there, it is possible to use your safer several months. (Lady FGD)

Also, medical care organization emphasized the brand new preferential accessibility particular contraceptives from the its customers. Including, good pharmacist mentioned just how unmarried females preferred to make use of disaster contraceptives more than other types of contemporary contraceptives.

Single of these, kids, aren’t also troubled on contraceptives; he is just seeking such first-line of these to quit pregnancies. They don’t want to have one college students as of this time… Very, they simply prefer the instant of them such as the levonorgestrel, the postinor (disaster contraceptives). They need that and they know that he or she is safe (Pharmacist 1)


In general, members (males and females) were reluctant to use condoms. Condom was popular in the context of informal otherwise transactional gender rather than a loyal and monogamous relationship. In many cases, ladies who didn’t faith its men perform delayed to make use of condoms until these were one another examined for different STIs.

When my personal sweetheart was a student in Vent Harcourt, he told you he wished to exercise raw (keeps unsafe sex) and you will have the impact. “I advised him for it nights ‘let us use an excellent condom and tomorrow we are able to look at the health because the I am careful. We could go to the medical and you may perform the necessary sample and you can following outcome is away, we are able to would instead condoms.” The guy concurred and said no problem. (Females FGD)

I have never utilized condoms in advance of no matter if I have been with my boyfriend for approximately 8 decades, and You will find not received a bacterial infection…. However,, he’s so mindful; the guy spends condoms with each almost every other girl. (Girls FGD)

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