Into the 1983, Nancy began dating Steve Harrington, a greatest son at school, kissing with your “repeatedly”

Barbara The netherlands, commonly known as Barb, are a repeated character in the first 12 months off Complete stranger Something. She try a knowledgeable pal out-of Nancy Wheeler. Inside later 1983, Barb mysteriously vanishes, that leads Nancy and you will Jonathan Byers to research the woman disappearance. In the course of time, it actually was indicated that she ended up being slain by Demogorgon. In 1984, following a receipt regarding Hawkins Lab’s engagement in her own passing, she received a proper funeral service.


Created Sep thirteen, 1967, Barbara Holland is the brand new daughter off Mr. and you will Marsha The netherlands and you can spent my youth inside the Hawkins, Indiana. Before or more through to the sixth-grade, she was close friends which have Robin Buckley, however, later on the two lost touch. [1] She attended Hawkins Senior high school at some point became the closest friend regarding Nancy Wheeler.

Barb searched wary about Nancy’s relationship with Steve along with her broadening popularity. She conveyed her hate regarding Steve’s household members Tommy and you can Carol, advising Nancy she wanted to continue “loitering” with her.

Barb reluctantly offered to drive Nancy to a party on Steve’s household. Within class, she made an effort to shotgun an alcohol can, starting it that have a blade thus she’d fit in with the others – however, she accidentally cut her submit the procedure. Which triggered Barb going to the bathroom to commonly the woman hands although the anybody else uncaringly continued having a good time instead the lady.

Impact crazy, Barb encountered Nancy once the she went upstairs to Steve’s bed room. She psychologically ideal to Nancy that she believe she is pretending superficially, and never being correct to herself. Nancy did not bring the woman absolutely, brushing the girl out of and you can informing their to visit house.

A lonely Barb sat from the today vacant pool, considering their reflection and thinking about. Once the she performed so, blood regarding the girl injury trickled compliment of this lady bandage, splashing and dissolving within the water. Brand new Demogorgon are lured because of the odor, quickly lookin behind her and you can pull the woman towards Upside-down. Jonathan Byers inadvertently grabbed which moment into camera when he hid regarding the nearby dried leaves.


Hurt and you will disoriented, Barb woke up throughout the Upside Down’s types of the latest pool, that has been blank. On seeing brand new Demogorgon, she attempted to go up outside of the pond, but she are dragged back off and you can slain because of the Demogorgon. Although not, the new Demogorgon didn’t totally devour the lady.

At around the same time frame Barb got merely awoken regarding the Upside down, Often Byers try walking outside regional when he read the girl cries to own assist while the she cried aside getting Nancy repeatedly. Usually went as quickly as he could, but once the guy attained the pond, Barb is over as well as that was left out-of their was basically the pair of glasses that she had been wear. [2]

One another Nancy and you may Mrs The netherlands increased increasingly worried about Barb whenever she don’t arrive to school the following day. Whenever Will’s (fake) muscles are receive, an effective devastated Mike returned family in which his mother and father have been ending up in Barb’s parents, Nancy eventually which have indicated that Barb are lost. A short time later on, 11, whenever you are absorbed during the a deep psychic state, scoured brand new Inverted to get Barb and can Byers. She discover Barb’s human anatomy, watching a slug-such animal slithering from Barb’s lips and you can across the the girl face.

Later that night, Master Hopper and Will’s mother Joyce entered brand new Upside-down off anyone collection as the search for Often went on; they went after dark stays of one’s Demogorgon’s subjects, and Barb’s corpse.

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